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Holly Batt : Principal

Holly is co-owner of Batt + Lear. She studied both dance and architecture at the University of Washington, receiving a Master's Degree in Architecture in 2001. Though Holly sometimes teaches in the Architecture program at the University of Washington, these days, Holly spends part of her week at Batt + Lear and part of her week raising the next generation of Batt + Lear’s team – Maggie and Hammet Lear. Her work at Batt + Lear is focused on materials research, lighting technology research and interior design. Holly is also a professional dancer with the DanceJenkinsDance!!! company, and she leads Batt + Lear’s collaborations with the choreographer, Pat Graney.

Jason Lear : Principal

Jason Lear is founder and co-owner of Batt + Lear. Jason believes that we have the opportunity to make our 130 million existing houses, and untold numbers of commercial buildings significantly more energy efficient than they are, and, in the process transform them into a part of our environment that will thrive, and contribute to their surroundings, for many generations. He does not believe in a Silver Bullet approach; rather, he recommends treating a building as the complex system that it is and using simple systems, and excellence in construction, to make that building work better. He emphasizes the importance of both a holistic approach to building and attention to detail in every step. Jason loves building green and has a contagious passion for sharing that love.

Jason Lear received a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and International Studies from Yale University. Recently, as a member of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild’s Regional Education Committee, Jason has spearheaded a collaboration between the Guild and South Seattle Community College that seeks to provide college credit for field-based, hands-on education modules, for existing and new practitioners in the green building field.

Marketa Kockova : Office Manager + Landscape Designer

Marketa runs the office and looks after daily accounting and reporting. With her keen knowledge of sustainable landscaping, she is the heart and soul of Batt + Lear’s landscaping team.

Ryan Lurie : Project Manager

Ryan began his career in construction after earning a Masters in Philosophy from UW in 2002. He quickly became interested in learning about green building, but resources for like-minded individuals were not what they are today. Ryan decided the best way to “build green” was to build well, so he began a four-year apprenticeship program through the Construction Industry Training Council while continuing to work full time. He received his journeyman card and joined Batt + Lear in 2007. Now, when people ask what “green building” means to him, Ryan will say that it’s a combination of thoughtful planning, low impact resources and materials, good building practices, durability, building performance, and quality of life for both builder and client during construction. In his free time, Ryan spends most of his time skiing and climbing the mountains of the PNW.

Ron McAulay : Builder

Ron started his construction career in masonry twenty-four years ago, before making the switch to carpentry. Ron worked in new construction for ten years, specialized in deck construction for five years, then realized that green building was the only way to go. Ron spends his time off playing with his grandkids, fishing, and snowboarding.

Alex Pfeiffer : Designer

Alex received his MArch from UW in 2001, and has since been a part of many high-profile projects including Nintendo's LEED Gold-certified North American headquarters in Redmond. Alex has also enjoyed remodeling Seattle's King Street Station and several schools, including the complete transformation of Nathan Hale High School.

Patsy Heasly : Consigliere + Lead Researcher

Patsy’s first life was focused on habitat conservation, including 11 years working on the California coast. Shortly after moving to the Puget Sound region, indulging a long-held curiosity about carpentry, she took the plunge and at the age of 39, with zero previous construction experience, accepted a job as a laborer for a small builder. She remains amused by the fact that what got her hired was her ability to drive a front-end loader, a skill she acquired while working for The Nature Conservancy, one of the world’s largest conservation organizations. During her four years as an apprentice carpenter, she also got certification as a Sustainable Building Advisor and Building Energy Analyst. She enjoys restoring native vegetation to her backyard, fixing her fixer upper, learning circus arts, and spending time with her family.

Justin Ansley : Project Lead

Justin was born and raised in North Carolina, where he got his start in the construction industry. Upon moving to Seattle in 2006, he attended the Residential Carpentry program at Seattle Central Community College. After several jobs in custom home building Justin made the switch to green building, joining Batt + Lear in 2008. By night, he plays drums for local band Legendary Oaks.

Matt Roarty : Project Lead

Matt first got the green building bug in high school, where he interned at a green and sustainable design firm in Green Bay, WI. He went on to study sustainability and green building practices at the University of Washington, earning a B.A. in Environmental Studies. Matt is well-versed in many aspects of building, from shovel placement theory to fine cabinetry. Outside of work, he spends a disproportionate amount of time playing soccer. He aspires to one day build a guitar and a sea kayak--maybe when he finally has a catastrophic ACL injury.

Jan Kunasangeamporn : Designer

After receiving a degree in Civil Engineering, Jan relocated from Bangkok, Thailand to Seattle to pursue graduate degrees in Architecture and Construction Management at the University of Washington. Over 15 years, she has developed a strong relationship with a tight-knit community of individuals who share a deep appreciation for beautiful things, diverse cultures and life, which has greatly influenced her design approach and art. Jan's natural understanding of space and proportion is evident in the many residences she has worked on at Batt + Lear. She has also worked on a range of public and private projects in and around Seattle before joining Batt + Lear in 2005.

Aaron Reed : Designer + Builder

Aaron is an eastern Washington native from the Yakima Valley. Aaron joined Batt + Lear as a carpenter where he enjoyed three years learning energy-smart building details from the inside out. While pursuing his Bachelor of Architecture at Washington State University, he studied abroad in Copenhagen, where his love of the city was born. Connecting to the site, to create a sense of place and interaction between people, using natural materials and textures, and finding the right scale are where he starts when looking for design solutions. Aaron loves gardening, biking and occasionally burning holes in his clothes welding.

Walter Goodwin : Construction Principal

Walter has a degree in philosophy, the study of value and thought, and psychology, the study of human living and behavior systems. He made the decision early on to take the understanding from his studies and to apply it on a practical level in two ways – through education and through building design and construction. Walter has been a teacher and builder for over 30 years. He is dedicated to sustainable living and building principles and applies them in all phases of his work and life. Recent successes includes multiple Built Green 5-Star and LEED Platinum projects. His body of work includes successful residential and commercial projects in France, England, Germany, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., New York, Massachusetts, California, Oregon and Washington.

Energy performance and building science are important elements to sustainable building design and construction but they only work if the technology is used by dedicated and educated individuals who place the future health and well-being of our world ahead of material gain and personal recognition. We all need to strive to be awakened to a level of intelligence that incorporates our collective future on a grand scale and to the power and spirit of conscience that guides and encourages good deeds, meaningful action, fun and responsible behavior.

Imagine a perfect world – and then work to create it.

Carly Lee : Office Assistant

Carly minored in Architecture and Interior Design during her undergraduate education and planned to study Architecture at the master level before she fell in love with Ancient Hebrew and switched her master program entirely to Ancient Near East Culture and Language. She enjoys balancing her job with evening seminars, and can still be found behind her drafting table from time to time. She takes great joy in being part of a team who builds sustainably and beautifully; even if it is behind the scenes.

Mark Sanchez : Project Manager

Born and raised in NEW ORLEANS. Mark has been learning his trade since 1974. He has no formal training just a lot of on-the-job experience. He loves to teach while he works, especially the younger crowd. Mark is a single father of 2 great children that are still at home, one in college, and the other in high school. He is an assistant soccer coach of girls age 6-15. He has been at Kennydale PTA for 10 years, and was a Golden Acorn recipient in 2007. He is a Kennydale Neighborhood Association board member. Mark loves fishing, Cajun cooking (BBQ is his specialty) GEAUX LSU, GEAUX NEW ORLEANS SAINTS, GO SOUNDERS.

The Batt + Lear family is comprised of builders, designers, managers, landscapers, cabinetmakers, researchers, teachers, building science geeks, musicians, artists, food and drink enthusiasts


Batt + Lear is an active member of many cutting-edge building and trade associations. We believe in sharing information, lessons learned and best practices with other designers, builders, manufacturers and policy makers.


  • Built Green Hammer Award, 2012
  • Built Green Pioneer Award; Jason Lear, 2011
  • Finalist in Seattle’s Little Footprint, Big Forest contest, 2011
  • NW EcoBuilding Guild 10x10x10, 2010
  • NW EcoBuilding Guild 10x10x10, 2009
  • Built Green Green Hammer Award, 2008
  • Natural Home’s Kitchen of the Year, 2008
  • Bathroom of the Year, Northwest Design Awards, 2003

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