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By employing a holistic approach to the building and its occupants, we have learned that it is possible to achieve very deep energy improvements and very deep water savings. We are often able to reduce a building’s energy consumption by more than 50%.

Deep Energy for Home

At the beginning and end of a home energy project, we will conduct a full energy assessment of your home so that you can see both the potential savings and the end results, in real numbers.

For more information and to see if your home qualifies, contact us today.

Home energy improvements can include:

  • Advanced energy diagnostics
  • Advanced air sealing
  • Hybrid wall insulation, including continuous thermal breaks
  • Seismic retrofits
  • Lighting design, de-lamping and controls
  • Innovative, yet simple, heating systems, including low-load heat pumps, zoned hydronic radiant systems and ductless mini-split systems
  • Hot water improvements, including distribution mapping and retrofits
  • Quantitative pre- and post-project auditing, showing real results and savings
  • Energy monitoring

Deep Energy and Deep Green for Business

In order to shrink the environmental impact of a business without also shrinking its bottom line, we employ a whole-building systems analysis and provide solutions that make sense at the bottom line. We have found that combining energy efficiency measures, Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and productivity improvements, in addition to renewable energy solutions such as solar panels, and smart storm water solutions such as living roofs and rain water catchment, we can provide project with a strikingly attractive pro-forma.

Be RainWise

Batt + Lear is partnering with the City of Seattle in its efforts to curb combined sewer overflows (CSOs) by designing and constructing a variety of integrated water management systems, from medium-sized rain barrels to large cisterns and rain gardens.

To learn more, visit Seattle's RainWise page, or get in touch with us directly.

Did you know that, in Washington State, we are allowed and encouraged to capture and re-use our rainwater? We most often utilize rain water for flushing toilets and washing clothes, and any excess rainwater can then be used to feed water loving plants in well-designed rain gardens on site.